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Mezuzah on an office door after 30 days


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 2, 5781
I started a job at a University outside Israel on 1 August and first entered my office on 2 August. The office is intended for two people but I am currently the only one using it. There might be a possibility I have to sleep at the office working late, but that’s not 100% sure. My boss isn’t Jewish. I want to put a mezuzah on my door and decided for a beautiful piece made in Israel. Unfortunately, it will only arrive at 31 August. However, at that time I’ll be away for holiday 25 Aug—4 Sep and for a business trip right 5 Sep—8 Sep. My Question is: Can I put up the ordered mezuzah after my return or do I have to run and order another ‘emergency’ mezuzah, asap? Could I take this ‘emergency’ mezuzah down after the originally intended one arrives? Thanks in advance!
ב"ה Shalom Your enthusiasm and excitement for the mitzva of Mezuza is well felt. And praiseworthy. However, there are many reasons for which your office is exempt from a Mezuza. First of all, it is not a dwelling place where you sleep overnight. Secondly, it is not really under your ownership or your decision to be in that room particularly. Your boss may decide to move your office to another room. Even if we would say, the office is "rented" to you, you are not alone because you have a gentile partner, which is another reason to make your office exempt. If you in any case would want to affix a Mezuza without the Beracha, outside of Eretz Yisrael the obligation for a Mezuza does not begin until you have dwelled in a place for 30 days. Therefore, you don't have to be in any rush to put up a Mezuza since you are exempt. You can place your Mezuza when it comes without a Beracha, but you must also be sure that the Mezuza will be respected. It wasn’t clear to me if you are waiting for the casing of the Mezuza or the parchment itself. I say this because it is the parchment which is the Mitzvah. See הרמ"א סי' רפ"ו ס"א, שו"ע ערוך רפו: כב )) All the Best
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