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Shaila For The Nine Days


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Av 2, 5781
Thank you Rabbi for your kindness in answering my Shailos I ask if I am permitted to buy plastic plates, flatware and tablecovers for Shabbos during The Nine Days. I do not own any real china and I usually buy plastic plates that are fancy and have a beautiful design and color, and also fancy flatware to use on Shabbos to honor Shabbos. I also buy plastic tablecovers to cover my white tablecloth on the dining table for Shabbos. May I buy these items during The Nine Days? I do have everyday plates that I could use but I desire always to use the best that I think is beautiful for Shabbos. I always want to do the right thing by Torah, Halacha and Mitzvos.
Shalom u'vracha, It is definitely permitted to buy these items. The Shulchan Aruch (551:2) wrote that one should not buy merchandise during the nine days. However in our case it is permitted for two reasons: 1. Some hold that the Shulchan Aruch only meant not to buy big and expensive things that really make someone happy. (see Mishna Berura (551;11). 2. There is no problem in buying something needed to peform a mitzvah (see Rama 551;9). All the best!
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