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shaking hands in a dream


Rabbi Ari Shvat

I had a dream the last night and am trying to determine if it has any significance. I was at my church and on a nearby road was a line of Jewish children walking. I dont know how I knew they were Jewish. I went over to them and crossed through the line, As they passed I got down on my knees and hey put out their right hand and with my right hand I made a fist and tapped their hand with the side of my fist and said hello. Somewhere along the line I got my had covered with honey so both of our hands became sticky, I looked online and could find nothing to help explain. Can you see any significance from a Jewish standpoint?
Already for many centuries, Jews have stopped explaining dreams, for there is no prophecy today, and dreams are almost always insignificant, and simply mirror sub-conscious thoughts or feelings that one has during the day. I obviously don't know you, but I would take the opportunity of seeing your fist in the dream, to perhaps check out if perhaps you may harbor even a little animosity or anti-Semitism, even something picked up from your childhood surroundings, which is worth working to get rid of. With blessings of peace and love.
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