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Sephardic Bloodine and Giur Lechumra

Rabbi Ari ShvatNisan 22, 5780
Shalom! I found out almost 8 years ago that my maternal grandmother was a Sephardic jew, althought she never told her children, including my mom, out of fear of being rejected in a deeply catholic country. We have some traditions that come from the sefaraddim; I have my moms sephardic last name (Parra) but I never had a bar mitzvah nor observed any traditions as a child. Now, as a 30-year-old man, I have been observing some Jewish traditions for several years such a Yom Kippur, Shabbat Pesach, Kosher, etc, but haven't been able to really thrive in a community because, until recently, I was living in a part of Spain where there is not a synagogue or a Jewish community at all. Currently, I live in Brussels and I want to form ties with my tribe; start living as a Jew. My question is since I don't possess any documents that prove I'm a Jew, even though I feel, act and identify like one, should I go through Giur Lechumra or through a full conversion? Thank you,
Because the details of each case are unique and important, you should personally contact Rabbi Eliahu (or Eliyahu) Birnbaum of Ohr-Torah Stone, and the Amiel center, who deals exactly with such issues. All the best!
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