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Status of mixed wines.


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Shevat 5, 5780
If I have two half-empty bottles of wine and mix them together, and then I noticed one is non-mevushal. does the "blended" wine have a status of Mevushal or non-Mevushal? furthermore - the Mevushal wine was from a Shemitta year - assuming the status is non-Mevushal, does it also retain aspects of Shemitta? if so - since it was handled by a non-jew without any oversight - what should be done with the wine?
ב"ה Shalo According to the Chida and Ben Ish Chai. )שיורי ברכה על יו"ד סימן קכג [ד]' , בן איש חי שנה שניה פרשת בלק אות ז) unless all the wine is Mevushal, it has the status of non-Mevushal, so it cannot be handled by a non-Jew . On the other hand, since Shemitta wine has Kedusha it cannot be disregarded even though it may not be drunk now. So the suggested manner of dealing with this wine is to leave the wine bottle open overnight. This way the wine will attain the status of "Mashkim Megulim" and will then become disqualified for use. In the morning it can be poured out, preferably into the ground or a flower pot but not in a disrespectful manner. All the best
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