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Bone Graft with Cadaver and Otologous (Self) Bone Mixtures


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar 18, 5772
I am contemplating getting a dental screw implant that goes into the bone and once intact, a dental crown is placed on the abutment that fits on the screw. At times, the bone must be built up with a graft that, per the oral surgeons I spoke with, using a combination of cadaver and bone from elsewhere in one’s body (otologous bone). Cow bone and human bone can be used, but is not as good. What are the halachkic issues here such as if the cadaver source is not known or if it is Jewish/non-Jewish, exposure to the dead (tamei) and effects on what can be done or approached once the graft is done, can the bone be cleansed enough to not be considered cadaver (like a chemical consituent far enough removed from a treif source), burial issues, is it allowed and other issues you may produce. Thank you.
If the transplant is done outside of Israel, where it is assumed that the majority of human bone for this type of transplant would be from non-Jewish cadavers, I was told by Rav Ya'acov Ariel the Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan, that the use of human bone would be permissible. In case of a Cohen it is problematic and a Rav should be consulted in each case.
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