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Hava- from where was she created?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Cheshvan 12, 5780
from what part or side did the Creator create Hava? why did he create from the side.. its not rib right? why not from head? or from hand etc?
She was taken from Adam's "tzelah" or "side", as in (Shmot 26, 20). There are several midrashic explanations, inferring that there is no 1 clear tradition: either that they were "back to back", like Siamese twins, or that God took part of Adam, or, as in Pirke D'R. Eliezer (ch. 11), infers from one of his ribs. The symbolism is that man and woman are considered one unit, and one who doesn't get married, is significantly missing out on an essential part of life, and of himself.
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