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Sabbath Times


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar I 9, 5779
When God had his Sabbath man did not exist it was Gods day of rest onlythat time did not apply to man 2500 yrs laterGod made a Sabbath for Israel only ,since man worked to time God said every 7th day Israel was to observe every 7th day as the Sabbath ,mans day starts at 12am till 12am the next day not a1/4 of the 6th day till 3/4 of the 7th day God says & means one day not parts of two days for the Sabbathi feel this is wrong
Shalom, Thank you for your comments. I am not certain that I fully understand all you have written, but allow me to make a few observations. Firstly, you write that “When God had his Sabbath man did not exist”. However, according to the words of the Torah, (Bible), G-d rested on the 7th day of creation, after man had been created on the 6th day. That means that man did in fact exist. As to what you write that “mans day starts at 12am till 12am” - that is only a standard agreed upon by mordern man to help standardize calanders. There is no reason at all to assume that our modern clocks which divide the day into 24 equal hours starting at midnight are what the Torah is referring to. (Please see the Wikipidea article on the topic “Hour” where you can read how historically different societies started the day at dusk, or at dawn, or at noon etc – it is only in modernity that the day starts at midnight). As we wrote, according to Jewish tradition, based on the verses about creation that state "it was night, and it was day – day one [of creation]", the day begins at nightfall. This is true in relation to the Shabbat also – it starts at sunset and goes through to Saturday night after it is dark. I hope this is of some help. Blessings.
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