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Job 38-42


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Shevat 18, 5779
Dear Rabbi, I am trying to know if translation of Job 38-42 (the answer of God to Job) that uses interrogation marks could well be assertions instead of challenging questions. I know it is not the *usual way* to translate these chapters, but I am looking just for the "possibility". Is the original language opened to such a translation? Can it be translated that way? God praising Job, God asking Job to answer because Job indeed knows and can do all those things. Again, I know it is not the normal way to translate it and it sounds very weird. I just want to know about the possibility that original text could be translated that way. Thank you in advance, Sam
From the very beginning of ch. 38 God is clearly challenging Job, as is apparent also from the continuation, and I haven't seen any commentary explain otherwise.
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