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would i get more commentaries if i learned hebrew


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar II 22, 5782
Hi With the Tanach there are for argument sake say about 15 translations in English. This is just a random number. If I learned Hebrew would I get many more translations or not really. What I am saying is are there commentaries in the Hebrew that have not been entered into the English or is it all covered? And separately the commentaries by the less popular commentators are their comments covered in modern day versions. Here I am asking can you get all the commentaries over time without getting every book
Shalom, Thank you for your question. I imagine that what you refer to as “translations” you really mean commentaries – such as Rashi, Ramban etc. There are certainly way more commentaries on the Tanach in Hebrew than have been translated into English. )And even those translated into English, have a greater depth when read in the original Hebrew). So, no, too date, there are many commentaries in Hebrew that just do not exist in English. I am not sure what your second question is referring to. Where could you “get all the commentaries” if not in the books? Please feel free to write again and explain the question. Blessings.
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