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Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

Elul 24, 5769
I am 22 weeks pregnant, bH, and have two pregnancy related questions: 1) I have begun receiving mailings about donating/banking cord blood. Is there a halachic view on this practice? 2) I see a female ob-gyn, but as my pregnancy progresses, the practice that I go to will begin rotating me through all the doctors, presumably so we can meet in the event that they are on call when I deliver. Many of the other doctors in the practice are male. I was wondering about halachic considerations in terms of yichud and negiyah with these examinations.
Shalom U'verachah, There is no prohibition against saving cord blood, and since this can save life it should be encouraged. There are issues regarding Shabbat but these can be solved. If there is no available female doctor a woman can see a male doctor, but she should be particular regarding yihud issues and so should come with her husband or a friend. Kol Tuv
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