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Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

8 Adar I 5763
I’m 20 years old and while I try not to do "masturbation" but it’s very difficult. I know this act is very "assur" and I really try not to do it but I’ve problems to succeed...Sometimes I succeed a long period but yetzer hara always wins. I’m a young student from France and my family isn’t very religious so I can’t marry now It’s really impossible. So could you give me way to succeed? Thank you very much.
Shalom U'vracha The fact that you are asking this questions shows that you have a deep religious feeling. The beginning of teshuvah is a feeling that what I have done is wrong. In order to do better one must look and see what it is that made him sin and try not to pyut himself in the same situation again if he is unsure that he will be able to overcome his yetzer. For example if you live alone maybe find a good male roommate. Another thing is to learn the halachot of the sin, in this case the prohibition of wasting seed and through that to improve. Kol Tuv Gideon Weitzman
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