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Snow on Shabbat


Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff

Shevat 29, 5769
Is one allowed to make snowballs, throw snowballs or make a snowman on Shabbat?
Most Poskim do not allow one to make snowballs on shabbos even though the actual snow is not Muktza (שש"כ פט"ז ס"מד, הגר"ח קנינבסקי שליט"א בס' הנותן שלג,שו"ת נשמת שבתח"ד סי' רמז (However according to R Eider, באר משה and ילקוט יוסף one may be Makel to make them on shabbos. So probebly the same Din by snowman except for the addition of Boneh problems. Smashing ice is permitted if there is no intention for it to melt - ע"ע סי' שכ ס"י. It is permitted to walk on snow as long as one doesnt intentially stamp on the snow to soften or melt it. it is also permitted to walk on snow even if his shoes leave a footptint behind in the snow. Snow that landed on ones clothes is permitted to be shaken off - only gently (unless on plastic raincoat) if one eats snow and benifits from it - you do make a beracha on it. its also permitted to place a drink in the snow to cool down! Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld
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