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Converts inheritance


Various Rabbis

Tammuz 25, 5768
In the days of Moshiach, they should be soon, what land in Eretz Yisrael will converts live on and/or inherit in relation to the twelve tribes, and will this be affected by each Yovel?
It says in the Passuk in Yechzkel Perek 47, 23 that the Ger will get a portion in the land of Israel. The Midrash in Kohelet says that this is to be understood literally. This is a Machloket between midrashim. Other Midrashim understand that it is not to be understood literally (Sifri Bamidbar Piska 78 and others.) The Abarbanel in Mashmi'a Yeshu'a sides with the opinion that they will ultimately inherit with Israel. The Mishneh Lamelech in Rambam Bikurim 4,3 quotes from the Maharam Ibn Chaviv who also seems to side with this medrash, and seems to say that the Rambam also sides with this medrash. (it is important to note, that according the Rab Chabiv's reasoning, there is room to wonder what would be the case with Gerim today that it is again much more appealing to be a Jew.) With regards to Yovel, being that it is described as their "Nachala" it seems like they get "citizen status" that the land belongs to them. Rabbi Netanel Frankenthal
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