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Torah study and reciting in the night


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Shevat 1, 5782
Shalom. I know that Torah studies are all right in the night, but what about actually reciting chapters of the Torah? Theres some smaller parts of the Torah recited as in the bedtime prayers, but even then is there a time limit on that for when to latest be reciting that? Kol tov Chaim Jeshurun
There is a kabbalistic concept which aligns the Written Torah with the day and the Oral Torah with the night. This is mainly for those people who learn day and night, how they should divide their time. On the other hand, for most people, the most important thing is for them to learn as much as they can, whenever and whatever they can. Your learning will also be more motivated if you enjoy the topic. Accordingly, if you wish, you can recite Torah at night, and there's no limit regarding the bedtime prayers, just as long as it's before dawn (although there are some Sepharadim who say the HaMapil blessing after the middle of the night without God's Name).
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