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Mezonot Bagel

Various RabbisIyyar 15, 5768
I was at a kiddush recently and I was told that the bagels were mezonot. I don’t like bagels so I didn’t partake but then it hit me. How can bagels possibly be considered mezonot? They look exactly like regular run of the mill bagels.
So as to bless Hamotzi on a bagel it has to be made with water. If a bagel is made with fruit juice or eggs and sugar instead than its blessing is Mezonot. If one is Kove'ah Se'udah (eaten as a meal) on the bagels or on any other "Pat Haba Bkisnin" one should make Hamotzi. Of course the Halachot are not simple and it is important for one to learm them, Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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