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Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

19 Tevet 5767
We were taught to put sesame seeds on the challah when baking, this represents the manna... sprinkling down is like arriving from heaven to cover the challah... 1. is that accurate or just a family custom 2. if it is accurate, would that take place of the covering you speak of? Second Question... 3 mitzvah’s for women... shabbos candles, mikvah and making of challah... is the challah really mitzva? B’vracha
I am unfamiliar with the custom of sesame seeds representing the man. It sounds like a lovely idea, but it does not take the place of covering the challa, since that represents the dew which enclosed the man when it was first seen in the morning. There is another reason for covering the challah; so that when kiddush is recited the bread is not visible, since normally the bread would be the preferred first food. Challah in the 3 mitzvot refers to the tithe which is taken from the dough. In the days of the Temple it was given to a Cohen, now it is burnt.
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