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Prayer and Kaddish


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

16 Shevat 5767
Dear Rabbi, A terrible fight has broken out in our shul. The custom is that on Shabbat, after we say "Anim Zmirot", we go immediately to say Shir Shel Yom, and we do not say a Kaddish after the Shir Hakavod. This was the custom for 50 years. Recently, a Mitpallel lost his mother and has been trying to chanege the custom to add a Kaddish after Anim Zmirot. He says that all the siddurim publish it that way. We have maintained that the custom has always been one way and should not change because one person has a need. We also maintain that there is no halachic requirement for a KAddish to be inserted there. Can you please provide an opinion on the matter?
There is no Kaddish in the Siddur which is worth a terrible fight. If you have a Rav in your Shule – it’s his call. In any event, the congregant in right and the Siddurim have a Kaddish printed in that spot, this is also the common custom in Ashkenazi Shules; I would think it will be good to adopt that Kaddish but the individual can't force the whole community on this matter.
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