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Ten Tests of Avraham


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

29 Cheshvan 5766
What are the different opinions on what the 10 tests of Avraham were?
Rambam: 1. Conversion. 2. famine 3. Sarah taken by Pharaoh 4. The war against the 4 kings 5. marring Haggar 6. Brit Milah 7. Sarah taken by Avimelech 8. Expelling Haggar 9. expelling Yishmael 10. the Akeidah Rabenu Tam Like the Rambam just combines 8 and 8 into one and adds the burial of Sarah as number 10 Rabenu Yonah Like Rabenu Tam just replacing the marriage of Haggar with the Ur Casdim fire furnace incident.
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