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Naming after G-d

Rabbi Jonathan Blass15 Kislev 5763
Why are Jewish girls never named after the Shekhina - is it because it would be considered disrespectful to name a person after an attribute of G-d?
A Divine attribute like compassion- Rachamim- which is also a human characteristic, is used as a name. Former Israeli Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira once told me that words that are exclusively referring to G-d are not used as names- not even for institutions, books, or places. He said that for a similar reason the religious public, over the centuries, felt that books of Biblical commentary and Jewish thought that were originally called "Torat Moshe" and "Shnei Luchot HaBrit" [=the "Torah of Moses" and "The Two Tablets of the Covenant"] were given names that were too presumptuous. This, even though both books are very respected works and even though the names did not refer to G-d. Both books are now known by different names-the "Alshich" and the "Shlah".
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