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Changing/adding name


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

16 Tishrei 5768
I am indian jew for past 4 yrs in Israel. even though I am Jew my name is not. Therefore I want to change or add a new name is it possible? If yes which name will suit me my date of birth is ט"ו בחשון תשמ"ג 01/11/1982 time of birth: 20:55 Please answer soon
There is no problem changing or adding a name. The most common way of doing this is requesting that a "mi-sheberach" blessing be recited on your behalf using the new name. You should choose a Hebrew name with which you identify and will feel comfortable. Since you were born during the period when the sections of Beraishit are read on Shabbat, the names of the matriarchs (Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, Leah) are especially appropriate, as is Yiskah, another name for Sarah. But the choice is yours.
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