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Beit Midrash Series Ein Ayah

condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 12:7

There are Two Sides to Existence but One Right Place for Things

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Gemara: Rav Chisda said: The writing on the Tablets was able to be read from the inside and the outside.

Ein Ayah: Everything, in existence in general, has a lofty purpose that only the Master of the Universe knows. The light of Torah does not only appear on all of the internal and primary elements of existence and brings them to their highest level. Rather, the light of Torah even relates to everything that is secondary to other things and reliant upon them. For indeed, there is nothing that does not have its place.

The problem only arises when something does not find its appropriate place and is not properly appreciated. Then something that should be internal can be found externally, i.e., fundamental matters are treated like superficial matters, or in the opposite direction, things that are external are treated as if they are internal. But actually everything should be seen according to its status, with things remaining in their correct position, either on the inside or the outside. Then it is connected to the root of its divine origin, from where the light comes. That is what Rav Chisda means by saying that the words on the Tablets could be read from the inside or the outside.

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