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Y'rushalayim: Uniting Religious-Zionist-Humanist- The 3 Ideologies of Mankind

When Jerusalem is built in her glory, and even already today, it's the religious, national and universal capitol of Israel. God placed the "checks and balance" system, comprised by this Triumvirate of the king (national leader), Nasi haSenhedrin (religious leader) and Kohen Gadol ("Lover of Peace"- the humanist/universal leader) on one mountain forcing them to unite and work together. Rav Kook analyzes that all human ideologies are either right-wing (natl.), left (humanist), or religious (all the above are religious, but here, in the limited sense), who are all necessary, and also limit each other from going extreme. As long as each stress the positive & compliments the others, and isn't "anti", we will reveal the Unity of God and Israel.


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Iyar 25 5780
36 min listen

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