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Parsha Summary: Naso


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Sivan 13 5775
The Torah assigns the exact Mishkan-related tasks to be performed by the families of Gershon, Kehat, & Merari, the sons of Levi, who number 8,000.

A husband who suspects his wife had been unfaithful brings her to the Temple. A kohen prepares a drink of water mixed with dust from the Temple floor & a special ink used for inscribing Hashem's name on a piece of parchment. If she is innocent, the potion does not harm
her; it brings a blessing of children. If she is guilty, she (& her lover) suffer a supernatural death.

A Nazir is one who vows to dedicate himself to G-d for a period of time. He must abstain from all grape products, grow his hair & avoid contact with corpses. At the end of this period he shaves his head & brings special offerings.

The Kohanim are commanded to bless the people. The 3-part Birkat Kohanim recited until today encapsulates the major blessings that humanity seeks from Hashem.

The Mishkan is completed & dedicated on the first of Nisan in the 2nd year after the Exodus. The prince of each tribe makes a communal gift to the Mishkan; each donates an identical gift of gold, silver, animal & meal offerings.

The Haftora from Shoftim describes the birth of Shimshon (Samson), who was also a Nazir.

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