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An Overview of the Torah Portion

Parasha Summary - Ki Tavo


Rabbi Stewart Weiss

Our Sedra begins with the Mitzva of the Bikurim, the first fruits of Israel brought by the farmer to the Kohen in the Bet HaMikdash. The farmer must recite a short review of Jewish history, recalling the Exodus & the struggle to be free, so he now appreciates what it means to be in our own Land.

We are reminded that we are a unique People.Upon entering Israel, we were to inscribe the Torah on 12 large stones & recite both blessings & curses in the valley between Mts. Eival & Grizim. If we follow the Torah, we are promised great blessings & protection from harm. But if we stray from Hashem, we are left open to all the curses which may accrue against us. The Tochacha describes these horrors in graphic detail.

The Parsha ends as Moshe recalls the myriad miracles performed by G-d on our behalf.
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