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Israel, Gentiles, & Gog U'Magog

Israel, Gentiles, & Gog U'Magog

Rav Zalman Baruch Melamed explains the relationship between Jews and Gentiles in the era of Mashiach and Gog U'Magog.

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23 Adar I 5784 | 3/3/2024

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  • 06:03 Sunrise
  • 8:21 Kriyat Shma MGA

Shabbat Vayakhel Shkalim

29 Adar I 5784

Shabbat Times | Parashat Hashavua
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  • 18:20 End of Shabbat
  • 19:00 Rabeinu Tam

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Consulting Psychics

Rabbi Yoel Lieberman


It’s not usually my thing, but a self-proclaimed psychic said something very interesting to me about my life, prompting me to call her for further consultation. Is this Halachically permissible? Thanks!


ב"ה Shalom, This is a question which needs to be addressed at length, but since I don't want to keep you waiting before Sukkot, I will answer in short. I am pleased that I am able to give a fully objective answer since I don't know you personally, nor the self-proclaimed psychic. Before getting into the Halachic aspect, as you put it you are dealing with a self-proclaimed psychic . I'm sure you have been told that there are many frauds who take advantage of people in vulnerable situations for whatever ulterior motives. Also, scientifically, there is no proof of clairvoyance. Therefore, my suggestion to you would be, even before Halacha, to stay clear of these people. There is always some information given which is enticing, and them people unfortunately become emotionally entangled into situations which are beyond their control and may be, G-D forbid, damaging to their emotions and mental health. As far as Halacha is concerned, The torah commands us "You must remain totally faithful to Hashem your G-d."( Dvarim 18: 13). Which means simply put, to put our total faith in Hashem and not to depend upon astrologers or the like. The Ramban (Nachmanides), Rabbenu Yonah, and others enumerate this as a mitzvah. The Rabbis (in the Sifre 173) on this verse say that when you place your complete trust with Hashem (as opposed to other sources), then you are with G-d . The Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh De'ah 179:1) writes explicitly that one may not refer to all sorts of astrologers, sorcerers or fortune tellers and the like. Therefore, according to Halaca it is clearly forbidden. There is a lot more to be said, but I will suffice with this. (For further reference, see in Hebrew : ,תמים תהיה של הרב יעקב משה הלל, נר באישון לילה של הרב שלמה אבינר עמ' 308- 313 ) Chag same'ach

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Parashat Hashavua

A Community Coin

A Community Coin

The Sin of the Golden Calf is rectified by the communal service in the Holy Temple. This is achieved via the precept of the half-shekel offering.

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