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Tzitzit in Bathroom


Various Rabbis

3 Tammuz 5763
I wear a talit katan under my shirt during the day, and always assumed this was perfectly acceptable, but then a friend mentioned that one who wears a mezuzah around their neck should always take it off before entering a bathroom, because it is a santified object that contains a blessing. Should I be removing my tzitzit before entering a bathroom, as I would a full size talit, even though this is worn under my shirt and does not have the blessing written on it? If so, would it not be better to simply carry a regular talit with me, as I cannot think of a way to modestly remove my talit katan every time I enter a bathroom? thank you for your time,
There is no need to take off your Talit Katan before entering the bathroom as the Tzitzit has no actual holiness. The Mezuza has actual holiness. When the mezuza becomes worn one has to place it in the Geniza not so with the Tzitzit that can be put in the garbage bin in a respectable way (such as in a plastic bag). This is because Tzitzit is a Tashmish Mitzvah (an object that serves a Mitzva) but not a Tashmish Kedusha (an object that serves a holy use in itself). Rabbi Ro'i Margalit
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