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Wearing tzitzit out


Various Rabbis

4 Cheshvan 5768
I am aware that there are different opinions about whether or not tzitzit of the tallit katan should be worn tucked out or in completely under clothing. Are there opinions that it is better to wear them tucked in, and if so, would that be an acceptable thing for me to do as an Ashkenazi Jew? Thanks
The Shulchan Aruch writes that one should wear the Tzitzit above his other clothes. This means that the strings themselves should be outside. He derives this from the Pasuk: Ureetem Oto - And you shall see them. This is the Psak of the Mishna Berura and other Poskim. The Ariz"l writes that one should wear the Tzitzit under his clothes. Therefore the Ashkenazim do as the Mishna Berura writes and the Sfardim do as the Ariz"l writes. Harav Ovadia Yosef also Paskens as such for the Sfardim.
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