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Rosh HaShanah- why not on Wed.?

Rabbi Ari ShvatTammuz 16, 5777
Why is it that Rosh HaShanah can never occur on a Wednesday? If Wednesday, or the fourth day, is the beginning of marking of time with the creation of the sun and moon, then wouldn’t Wednesday be a good day to celebrate this Holiday on?
Rosh Hashana doesn’t commemorate the beginning of time, but rather celebrates the creation of mankind, the only creature with Godly free-will, and the ultimate goal of the world, who was created on Fri., the 6th day. In addition, the reason that Rosh HaShana cannot fall on Wed. is totally technical: that if so, Yom Kippur would come out on Fri. and we can't have 2 consecutive days without being able to prepare food and eat normally. The Living Torah is always very practical!
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