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Kasher Oven

Rabbi David SperlingSivan 4, 5774
Hello, I just moved into a new apartment and the landlord (who is a religious Jew ) told me that the oven has not been used for 4 years. It is certain the last tenants 4 years ago were not religious, must I still kasher the oven despite the very long time that has passed? Thank you, Yosef
Shalom, Many blessings for your new apartment. In answer to your question about koshering a oven (or any item) after many years have elapsed since it was used for non-kosher food – you still need to kosher it. Even though we find certain leniencies in the koshering process if 12 months have passed, the item still needs to be koshered. You should clean the oven out very very well, then bring it to its highest temperature. If it is a self cleaning oven, it is enough to run the self cleaning cycle through once. Blessings.
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