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If one davens nusach ashkenaz, must one also wrap tefillin inwardly in the ashkanez fashion?
Shalom, Thank you for your question. In general those communities that have the practice of using nusach askanaz also have the practice of wrapping their tefillin inwards. However, the two practices are not intrinsically connected, and it possible that one could use the sephard (Chassidic) nusach for prayer, and still tie their tefillin inwardly, or tie their tefiliin outwardly (like the Chassidim) but use the askanaz nusach to pray in. The question would be – why is one doing so? Generally a person should follow their family customs, and the customs of their location. So how did it come about that someone is mixing the two customs? There could be good reasons for doing so, but without knowing more about the situation, it is hard for me to give a clear answer on whether one is acting correctly by following two different sets of customs at the same time (albeit that they do not contradict each other). So, in short, the answer is that usual way in halacha is to be consistent in practice and follow one set of customs – however, there are particular situations and cases that warrant the mixing of customs. Blessings.
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