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Attending wedding durin aveilos


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Adar I 3, 5774
I am be"H planning a 2nd wedding soon. My married kids are still in aveilos for their father, who was niftar just 2 month ago. Can they attend chupah? Seudah? What if there is no music except to accompany walk down to chupah?..... Thanks so much for your reply
ב"ה, ג אדר א תשע"ד I consulted a posek who said as follows: Assuming, the absence of your children will cause you great anguish they may participate in the wedding. They may attend the chupa as normal. However, they should not participate in dancing, and also during the meal they should partake in only some of the portions but not as they would normally do. However, in addition to what I have told you, I should add that for your own sake you may want to consult the officiating Rabbi at the wedding or another prominent Rabbi known to the family and friends, this way your children will feel comfortable with the decision and it will not be challenged by participants as merely something you read off the internet. May your 2nd marriage be an everlasting one. Mazal tov. May you know of much Simcha.
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