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Sh’ma on ring


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 1, 5773
I am a designer-goldsmith in Jerusalem. I have a client who wants a ring with the first sentence of the Sh’ma in cut-out letters around the ring. What are the rules regarding the double-yod and the koof/hey (elokim) replacement in this case? I need to do graphic sketches on paper and then vectorize and manipulate on the computer, so it is also a question of what to do with the sketch papers afterwards, and the places in the computer where it will appear....
ב"ה Shalom I have already related to similar issues on this site in regard to embroidered pasuk on a tallit and the image of the klaf on casing of the mezuzah and this is somewhat similar. See: There are a few issues here. One is the very writing of a pasuk on something which may bring the pasuk to disrespect. This is brought down is Shulchan aruch as the reason one may not embroider a pasuk on a tallit. However, there are those who are lenient in regard to the writing of the pasuk. There may be even further room for leniency since I assume some of the letters would be touching other and then there is the circular writing of the pasuk and therefore this does not constitute the regular writing of a pasuk. (based on my observation of other rings). בשולחן ערוך יורה דעה סימן רפג סעיף ד,שך שם ס"ק ו, משנה ברורה סימן תרלח, שיח נחום ,רב נחום אליעזר רבינוביץ שליט"א יור"ד סי' עג, עמ' 248-246) However it would seem to me that the person wearing the ring would have to deal with it upon entering a bathroom with this ring on his finger. The double yud is simply a substitute for the name of Hashem and has no kedusha. The writing of Hashem's name on a computer was not meant to be there permanently and neither was it written with kedusha therefore it may be erased. In regard to the sketches since you have a pasuk written on it even without Hashem's name, it should not be treated disrespectfully, so the best would be to place it in geniza.
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