Ask the Rabbi

Tachanun - Nefilah Kapayim


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Cheshvan 28, 5783
When you lean on your arm at Tachanun. The arm you lean on can it be bear skinned or do you have to wear a jacket/or have a tissue(some sort of chasisah between your head and the bear skin of your arm. This happened, and I like to check the Halachah.
Thank you for your question, The minhag is to cover your face with a jacket or shirt (Mishna brura 131;3). Harav Avigdor neventzhal (beyitzhchak yikare on the Mishna brura) explains that the purpose is to make some chatziza between one's face and the ground. Therefore if one's face is above a table or a 'stender' that is good enough. See also penieni halacha (21;4, comment 4). All the best
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