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Davening in office minyan


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Shevat 18, 5776
Dear Rabbi I was wondering if it is better for one to daven in a minyan in a shul as opposed to in an office setting? I was parrticlly thinking about saying tachnun and as the office does not have a sefer torah one cannot put does his head in such an environment.
ב"ה Shalom If there is a minyan in an office and there is no minyan in the vicinity, obviously it is preferable to daven in the office with a minyan rather than daven in a Shul with no minyan. Meaning the virtue of Tefilla B'tzibur overrides the virtue of the shul.(משנה ברורה סי' צ ס"ק כח) If, however, there is a minyan available in Shul and also in the office, the minyan in Shul is preferable, since the virtue of the shul is present and in addition there are more people. "B'rov Am."(מג"א סי' צ ס"ק טו, משנ"ב שם ס"ק לג) All the best
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