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face wipes


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Tammuz 14, 5782
what is the sephardic halacha regarding using acne face wipes on shabbat?
Shalom u'vracha, There is no difference between sefardim and Ashkenazim on this topic. One is not allowed to take medicine on Shabbat. These wipes are considered like medicine because they heal the acne/pimples. However, if you use these wipes every day then you may use these wipes on Shabbat too. All the best! Sources and explanation: There are two issues to be discussed here. The first question is one allowed to use wipes on Shabbat? The answer is that some forbid using wipes on Shabbat because it is considered 'sechita' meaning that it's similar to the prohibition of squeezing water out of clothing (which is forbidden because it's considered 'dash' or 'melaben'). However, many poskim permitted using wipes for a few reasons. see minchat asher (part 1; 14-17), chazon ovadia (part 4 page 148). However, one should not push on the wipes too hard rather use them regularly. The second question is regarding medicine. One is not allowed to take medicine on Shabbat. However if one uses a medicine every day he may continue using the medicine on Shabbat too. (See minchat asher part 3;23).
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