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Ezekiel 43: 9-11


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tammuz 29, 5780
Hi Rabbi! Some commentaries have suggested that it was actually Ezekiel commanding the people to build the temple in Ezekiel 43:9-11. What is your interpretation? thank you for taking the time to address my question.
ב"ה Shalom In order to be more specific in my answer and to have a more fruitful interaction, it would help if you were to mention the commentaries you are referring to, upon which you want me to comment. In any case, the description of the Temple in the book of Ezekiel begins in chapter 40. There is no specific verse indicating a commandment to build the Temple, but rather how the future Third Temple is supposed to be built. However, in regard to this description, the traditional commentators, among them Maimonides state that the plan of the Temple described by Ezekiel is not totally clear. The First Temple built by king Solomon is described in the book of Kings. The Second Temple though it came after the prophecy of Ezekiel, was built basically according to the plan of the First Temple and partially according to the description in Ezekiel. We await the building of the Third Temple, speedily in our days. All the best
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