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GENESIS 3: 2 /4


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Iyyar 12, 5780
Rabbi, I am confused about what Is transcribed In Genesis 3: 2/4. How can the women here understand what ( die or to die means here ) death has not yet occurred, and the woman Is still Innocent almost childlike. I would Imagine It’s like having to tell a 5-year-old child not to eat the red candy or they will end up on planet Mars ie .. What does a 5-year-old child understand about planet Mars? This talk between the serpent and the women makes no sense at all. Please get back to me on the matter thanks
ב"ה Shalom, I don't find this problem too disturbing, even If we understand of the Torah's verses in the simplest form. Let's look at what the Torah says. Adam is told directly by G-d (Bereshit 2:17) that if he eats from the Tree of Knowledge he would die. Eve mentions this warning from G-d, (Bereshit 3:19) before the serpent mentions It. So it seems obvious that the issue of death was clear to them even though it had not yet been experienced. Besides that, Adam and Eve are also told to be fruitful and multiply (Bereshit 1:28) so they are fully aware of their task as progenitors of mankind . In addition, the Torah also tells us (Bereshit 3:22) that G-d feared after they had already eaten from the tree of knowledge perhaps they would eat from the Tree of Life as well and would live forever. So it seems the concepts of life and death were not strange to them. All the best
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