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Made a chicken dish with a dairy curry paste


Rabbi Daniel Kirsch

Adar I 19, 5782
Inadvertedly made a chicken dish with a dairy curry paste and only realised after we ate some of it. I threw away the leftovers and the plastic container it was in. I threw out the wooden spoon I used to make the chicken in. Can we kasher the metal pan it was cooked in? Are the shabbat plates we ate on now treif? Can they be kashered? What about the forks and knives we used to eat it?
Thank you for your question, the wooden spoon could have been koshered (you'll know for next time). The metal pan can be koshered. Clean it and wait 24 hours from when you cooked the chicken in it, and then fill it up with water till the top and heat it up until it boils. The forks, knives and plates can also be koshered. just spill boiling hot water on them and that’s all. all the best
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