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Non Dairy Creamer after meat


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Av 25, 5779
Non Dairy Creamer after meat is a questionable issue. Non Dairy creamer , liquid and powder, have no milk. But they do have the dairy from the utter (Kechal). This product is mixed in to the ingredients as a whitener. The arguments are as follows. This ingredient is less than a 60th, So it is insignificant. The first question is, When dairy is eaten after meat, NOT together, I think it is a Rabbis rule not a Torah rule to wait between meat and milk. The second question would be, if I am correct on question one, why would the בטל בשישים amount rule not come into play?
Yes, you're correct that eating meat and milk after each other is rabbinic and not "from the Torah". Regarding exactly what type of "kchal" is used, you must ask the kashrut supervisors. Also, regarding the 1/60th, this leniency is only used b'dieved (e.g. if something falls in by accident) but you're not allowed to knowingly "pour in" 60X to dilute a prohibition. On the other hand, outside of Israel, the companies are clearly not intentionally putting in 60x to dilute the milk for the Jews' sake, not to mention that it's not "bitul issur" (a prohibited food), but rather "bitul dairy" which is obviously much easier. From what I understand, if a company has just 3% sodium caseinate in their "non-dairy" creamer, when you mix a teaspoon or 2 into your coffee, it's surely many times batel b'shishim, so it's ok to eat after a meat meal, just not with the meat itself.
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