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Jews vs. Israelis


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Kislev 14, 5770
Shalom, We all who keep hagim, study TORA, do Mizvot, etc. are in fact Israelites. We should begin calling our selves Israelites instead Jews. This is how we can prove that all 12 tribes are still existing, though they are not defined, except one, that is Levi with Levies and Cohanim. The names such Judaizm and Jew are originated from the name of Judah tribe, but definitely not from Israelites. However we don’t know if all Jews are from the Judah tribe, but we call ourselves Jews. More, by changing our identity from Jew to Israelites we will connect closely to our land of Israel, it will no longer connect us with a story of Goim about Judah who traded their JC to Romans and our enemies, including the black president, will no longer be able speculate about our legitimate rights for our land, land of Israel. To do this simple conversion is not simple, but with precise explanations we all can do it, because it’s not a new identity (example: Palestinians, Jordanians, etc.). It is our actual identity and we should be proud. Shalom,
By living in Israel by national identity we have become Israeli or Yisraelim, though we all still have to elevate ourselves spiritualy to attain our true indentity. On the other hand Mordechai in the Megilla is refered to as Yehudi, of being from the tribe of Yehuda while he actually was from the tribe of Binyamin. Because of this, the sages explain that this title is of special meaning. It is a title of pride and defiance of belief in Hashem in spite of all odds. So it is a name to be proud of.
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