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Is Induction Cooktop good for Pessach?


Rabbi Moshe Leib Halberstadt

Cheshvan 11, 5770
Dear Rabbi, I need to buy a cooktop. The "new thing" about cooktops right now is the induction system, which cooks much faster and only heat up the spot touched by the pots, this way saving a lot of energy. Actually, only pots where a magnet could stick to its botton are good for this induction cooktop since glass top doesn’t conduct heat. Even if an egg was put on the top of the burners, nothing would happen because the surface of the burners remain cold while cooking, it’s a very interesting system. But a question arised in my head, how to kosherize such cooktop for Pessach? And it’s ok to use meat/dairy pots on it since there’s not heat whatsoever? Thank you very much.
As far as Koshering an induction cooktop for Pesach, in theory there may be an option of not using it for 24 hours, doing Libun on the Induction area by doing Hagalah on pots that were not in use for 24 hours and then boiling water in these pots on top of the induction, pouring boiling water on the rest of the cooktop, covering the cooktop with a thick cover while making holes for the induction area, it dos not work with a cover separating the cooktop induction area from the pot, making sure that only the induction area that heats up is exposed and the cover of the rest of the cooktop does not move at all, [we treat the Glass-ceramic like a Safek glass or ceramic Lechumra]. The pots that were used to Kosher the cooktop should go through Hagalah if desired to be used on Pesach. It is very complicated and it is also not clear whether the induction will reach a high enough temperature to be considered Libun, so it is highly recommended not to use it for Pesach. [It is not such a big expense to purchase a traditional Gas cooktop for Pesach]. Regarding Meat and dairy, the Induction cooktop should not be used for both meat and dairy, because even though we usually say that stove burners are Melaben themselves, in this case we are concerned about the pots moving beside the Induction area and as stated above we consider Glass- ceramic as a Keli Cheres that can not be Koshered, In addition the temperature may not be high enough to be considered Libun, so it should only be used for one of them, either meat or dairy. Our special thanks to Mrs. Sima Dor-Hay, Customer Service Manager of BSH Home Appliances Ltd, for providing us with the relevant technical information.
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