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halogen (induction) cooktop - for pareve

I don’t eat meat, so I use my induction cooktop for dairy. But sometimes I’m invited to a meal where meat will be served, and I want to bring a side dish. I have a set of pareve pots & cooking utensils that I use for preparing the food. Are you saying that I can’t cook this food, which may be warmed with or served together with meat on my induction cooktop??
In the specific case you noted, cooking a parve dish in a parve pot on a induction cooktop which is normally used for dairy, it is permitted to cook the food this way, and then heat the parve dish or serve it with the meat at the host family. However it is important that the cooktop will be completely clean before cooking in the parve pot so there should not be any remains of dairy there. It is also preferable to pour boiling water on the cooktop before using the parve pot. (הטעם להיתר הוא משום שההתייחסות לזכוכית קרמית כאל כלי חרס שבולע ולא כזכוכית היא עצמה חומרא, דשמא דינה כזכוכית, ועוד דאפילו את"ל דהוי ככלי חרס שבולע, הוי נ"ט בר נ"ט בר נ"ט בר נ"ט דהיתרא, ופעמים שעבר מעל"ע מאז בליעת החלב בכיריים שאז טעמו פגום).
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