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Adam and Eve


Rabbi Elchanan Lewis

13 Tishrei 5767
Assuming that the world has been around for billions of years [a fair asumption based on science of today] did a Historical Adam and Eve realy exist? if so, who’s bones do archeologists dig up that are carbon dated to thousands or millions of years ago? They all imply that Adam and Eve could Not have been the first people if they lived 5700+ years ago?.so who were adam and eve? and when did they reallt exist? and were they really first? it seems not as others were before them?
This is a heavy question and I will encourage you to research this topic more. Adam and Eve really were. And the first G-d created human beings too. They were created some 5767 years ago. Science has not yet come to terms with this but many scientists do truly believe the above. Bones of earlier forms of life were found and dated millions of years ago yet human bones of Homo-Sapiens are not dated that long but about 10000 years, to the best of my knowledge, and that is very close to the words of the Torah as the Torah only dates from his arrival and onwards. . There are many ways to reconcile Torah and science, this is only one, you should look for more answers.
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