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May One Enjoy Life?

How could jews enjoy life whether driving nice cars, Rashei Yeshiva going on vacation, dressing nicely, making even 1 penny more than necessary for the bare necessaties?
Life is more than having your heart beating and lungs inhaling air, life is a full complex of physical health and emotional health, or in one word – balance. We need sometimes to have nice clothes to feel good, a nice big house can have a positive effect on ones mental health, a vacation can refill empty batteries, a good meal with good friends can defuse stress and restore a calm state of mind and so on and so forth, all which are needed for a balanced healthy life. One should not loose focus of the goal of it all which is the service of G-d, and those that are full on with there commitment and dedication to Torah life and devote their life to Avodat Hashem will eventually need less vacation, less "good" food, less luxury and more of the "real" stuff, more Torah studying, more Tfilah, more Chessed, more Tzedaka etc.
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