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Writing My Own Torah Scroll


Rabbi Chaim Tabasky

27 Av 5764
I have decided to write my own Torah scroll. I am Noahide and am finding it very difficult to obtain the proper supplies. Is there a place or a person I can turn to in order to demonstrate how serious I am and thus be granted the proper writing utensils? I understand how today the world is changing and many friends must be very careful about things but I have spent 2 months looking and still have not found the proper supplies. Can you help me or turn me in the right direction?
I would first like to commend you on your intention to write a Torah scroll. If you are writing for your own study and worship, this is permissable, but you should be aware that a Torah scroll written by a Noahide may not be used by Jews for ritual purposes. It is also important for you to realize (and I'm sure you do) that the words of the Torah are exceptionally holy and that if you write a Torah you must treat it with utmost respect and care. I do not know where to buy Safrut supplies in North America, though Brooklyn NY would be a good place to start. I suggest consulting with a New York Rabbi who is knowledgable in scribal matters.
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