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History repeats


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

5 Cheshvan 5764
Despossessing people of their land, destroying their homes,humiliating people,starving them, killing and target assassination of people ......all these are no part of the Jewish values.Building a wall to cage Palestinians exactly what the nazis did in Warsaw building the Forbidden City to cage ragdressed and starved Jews ...History repeats. Where are those Jews fighting for justice, human rights ,against vilolence and discrimination ? Come out ...speak up...
History indeed repeats itself. As in previous generations, Jews are being blown up and murdered and then chastised by antisemites for defending themselves. The Jews of Warsaw were not waging a terrorist war against the Germans. The Germans were annihilating the Jews. Similarly, the Arabs of the Land of Israel have been trying to destroy the Jewish community here for the last 150 years. The fence being built is a defensive measure against murderers and terrorists. Where is the world that sat back or collaborated with the Nazis a generation ago as 60 years later Jews are again being murdered? Why are you not ashamed at pointing an accusatory finger, not at the pogromists but rather at their Jewish victims?
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