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Shifting Pro-Withdrawal Jews to Pro-Israel Jews


Various Rabbis

8 Iyyar 5765
How can we shift the pro-withdrawal Jews to become pro-Yesha/Israel Jews? if the answer is Torah, what do we use? and, what if they either reject Torah or are convinced that their way is the way of Torah? It seems to me that this is a central question of our time and our survival.
We need to hear their reasons why they are pro-wothdrawal and then we can explain why those reasons are invalid, and the opposite is true - there is no logical explanation to give away parts of the land but there are many reasons why we should keep the whole land of Israel. Mainly because it's a Mitzva, that's reason enough. But also political and security reasons why we shouldn't withdraw exist. Rabbi Zalman Melamed Shilt"a
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