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קטגוריה משנית
To dedicate this lesson
The fear of a war in the north that would paralyze life in Israel (a "dark scenario") evokes the worst fears in the imagination of many. A belief-based view provides balance and comfort even in such moments.

The month of Tamuz is the brightest month of the year, the days lengthen and the sun shines for many hours. When looking directly into sunlight, our eyes are moistened with tears (which is why Jewish tradition adopted the name Tamuz after a Babylonian statue with lead eyes that were melted by fire, giving the illusion that the idol was "crying"). Crying is a mechanism that allows us to more accurately digest what is in front of us; it is precisely the stress and sorrow that sometimes give us the opportunity to look at reality in a more balanced way.

The truth must be told: Had it not been for the October 7th tragedy, the threats would not be as tangible as they really are, and the oblivion could have resulted in a much greater catastrophe. It was precisely the "crying" that caused the State of Israel to now be prepared for war with more open eyes. We can visualize a number of scenarios, none in which the State of Israel is destroyed. There is the fear of systems being cut off for a certain amount of time, and God forbid, many casualties, but a nation that is prepared can withstand it and win; there is also a likely scenario that the war will be postponed until we are even more prepared in every respect.

One "bright scenario" is absolutely certain – light grows out of darkness! I suggest that everyone look for one good thing in their personal life that grew out of the months of war; you will be amazed at the answers. Throughout the history of the Jewish people, crises have led to growth; in our case, it is also not that hard to see.

Have a great month!

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