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    Shining Miracles

    When there is a multiplicity of miracles occurring all at the same time, like the candle lit in a room with floodlights, its brightness is hardly noticeable. The individual miracle has lost its power of influence and is already discounted by human beings.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Shvat 18 5782

    Great Responds

    It is to the credit of Yitro that he chose to act positively upon hearing of the events that occurred to the Jewish people in their exodus from Egypt. He uprooted himself to join the Jewish people in their travels through the desert.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Shvat 18 5782

    Drive Forward

    Despite everything Pharaoh is undoubtedly also aware of, he continues his suicidal course. What drives Pharaoh to this extreme?

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Shvat 4 5782

    Public Pressure

    It is difficult to understand the attitude in Moshe's statement to Heaven that it had not yet freed the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage. Moshe certainly realized that Heaven was aware of the promises.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Tevet 26 5782

    Jewish Idealism

    There were Jews who were willing to cooperate with the governmental authorities in policing the Jewish slave society. Eventually, these Jews also found themselves to be the victims of the Pharaoh and his cruel decree.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Tevet 19 5782

    Future sight

    Judaism and the Jewish people always look toward the future even when their current circumstances are bitter and sad. Jacob himself appraised it when he said he would receive his reward tomorrow.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Tevet 11 5782

    Did He Know?

    How much did our father Jacob really know about the events previously described in the Torah readings? There are various streams of thought regarding this matter.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Tevet 5 5782

    Timing Is Everything

    "…what cannot be solved by wisdom, will eventually be solved by the passage of time." It seems that time is never neutral, and that its passage certainly influences decisions and events that take place in human society.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Kislev 28 5782

    Family Complications

    The story of Joseph and his brothers reveals both the strengths and weaknesses of mortal beings and a family structure.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Kislev 21 5782

    Jacob's Flees

    We seem to find our father Jacob always in some sort of flight. He flees from the wrath of his brother Eisav and spends decades in exile in the house of Lavan. Eventually, he is forced to flee from Lavan

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Kislev 13 5782

    Ya'acov's Dreams

    We see in this week's reading that it is our father Jacob who is really the master of dreams.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Kislev 6 5782

    Transmition to Descendants

    Is there any reason why Parashat Noah should be called based on the name of person involved, and our Torah reading this week should be called based on the generations and genealogy being described?

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Cheshvan 27 5782
    Chayei Sara

    Sarah's Life

    One could hardly conclude that she had a so-called good life.Yet, we find this to be the pattern in the experiences of all our forefathers and mothers.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Cheshvan 22 5782

    Our father Abraham

    Our father Abraham experiences the revelation of the Lord when he is sitting alone at the opening of his tent. However, we readily can see that the Torah is describing for us the permanent and regular state of being of our Father figure.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Cheshvan 15 5782
    Lech Lecha

    A Conversation with Hasham

    We recognize that in many ways our father Abraham is an innovator. we find that our father Abraham is also the first human being recorded as having a normal conversation with his Creator.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Cheshvan8 5782

    Paradise Lost

    Originally there was a choice of whether to live in paradise in the Garden of Eden, or to attempt to reach for hoped-for human greatness and accomplishment through knowledge, intellect, and the human spirit.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Tishrei 24 5782

    Nature's Testimony

    These last chapters of the Torah, culminating in this week's reading, are all very serious and have an almost fearsome quality and tone. Heaven and earth are called upon to be the ultimate witnesses regarding the covenant that the Lord has made with Israel for all time.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Tishrei 9 5782

    Near the End

    Our teacher Moshe is described in the Parsha as being near the end of his life in this world. Yet, the Torah also describes that he was able to climb mountains, and gather the Jewish people at his feet.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Tishrei 3 5782

    Jewish Covenants

    Covenants, in the Jewish sense of the word, are not altered by changing times and differing circumstances. A covenant has the ring of eternity, not only in time but also in content.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Elul 23 5781
    Ki Tavo

    You Will Conquer

    The opening words of this week's Torah reading have been repeated often throughout the entire discourse by Moshe with the Jewish people, which constitutes the bulk of this book of Devarim.

    Rabbi Berel Wein | Elul 16 5781
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